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All Inclusive - Digital image Collections

I also offer a digital image only service if this is something you would prefer i.e. not to include a wedding album at this stage.

What do you recieve

Clearly, you want the very best ways to remember your wedding day - I know it does sound a bit of a Cliché, but the photos of this very special day will be one of the only things you have in years to come. So it is important we spend some time thinking about the day, we don't want to miss any images that are really important to you.  

On the day, we will be dressed as if we were a wedding guest (Suit / Smart dress), we do not want to stand out, we want to blend in and feel part of the day with you and your guests.

All my wedding photography collections Include:

• I offer unlimited support and guidance from the time of your booking to the delivery of your photos of your very special day.

• A pre-wedding meeting at your chosen venue (if possible) where we can spend some time and run through the day in some detail answering any questions or thoughts you may have. This allows you to simply relax on the day and enjoy yourselves whilst we organise things.

• Coverage of the preparations, which can also include both partner’s departure if required (if included in your package).

• As well as your images going online, I like the idea of you holding something physical. All of our clients receive a proof book (standard or luxury depending on the collection chosen) of your images.

• Free bespoke Thank you cards

• Your online gallery for all your photos, which we keep for 2 years.

• All the images from the day will be given to you via digital download. We give you permission to print off all your (licensed copyright), the password is delivered with your wedding album.

• As a 'very, very' rough guide Steve normally supplies you with around 40 - 50 images per hour, but this is dependent on time, conditions and your wedding collection etc. YOU WILL GET ALL THE IMAGES FROM THE DAY.  

Collection D1 - Coverage from the preparations to the wedding breakfast / One Photographer


With me as your photographer: I will provide full coverage of your day from the preparations up to you sitting down for the wedding breakfast or the first dance (see additional options below).

You will receive a range of images from the day via digital download.

I provide a selection of images in both Black & White and Colour, including the slightly more formal group photos and the informal and fun images of the smaller groups and the couple as well as some stunning portrait images of you.

Along with some classic shots as a newly married couple and your guests. Wedding breakfast:The number of images you receive will depend on timings/ travel distances etc, I can talk you through this in more detail at a consultation. 

The Cost: £899.00 - to the wedding breakfast with one photographer:                  

                 £1399.00 for coverage to the first dance with two photographers:

Second Photographer:

This is something you may want to consider as they can play a very important role. 

Not only will this add a lot of depth to the number of images you will receive, but it can also give you a lot more time during the course of the day. 

If I attend alone I will need the bride / first person to be fully dressed quite early so I can capture the Groom / second person on their arrival at the ceremony - It's not normally possible to capture any of the preparations. 

During the day they can support me with the larger groups and then get a lot more candid / informal images of you and your guests as well as the finer details of the wedding breakfast etc. 

The Cost: A flat fee of £250.00

Post Wedding Photoshoot

Why not have a reason to put that fantastic wedding dress back on by booking a post wedding photography session.

These post wedding sessions allow you to put that dress back on (often before its cleaned) and get some elegant or fun photos with none of the wedding day pressures.

The most popular option is on a location shoot, this can be pretty much anywhere of your choice, maybe somewhere special to you both.

Some of the most popular locations are at the beach or in London at sunset / sunrise (if you would like the space to yourselves).

Alternatively, it can be in the studio where we can, with the aid of studio lighting create some classic and elegant images.

This can include a hair and makeup artist (at an additional cost).

From - £120.00 – this includes two x 10” x 8” prints from the session and all Images (watermarked) to use as you want.