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Your investment - Digital image package

On the day


You will receive the same services and support as already mentioned on the Wedding Services page.

With me as your photographer for the day, I will provide full coverage from the preparations up to the couple sitting down for the wedding breakfast or the first dance (see the cost options  below).

You will receive a range of images, with a selection in both Black & White and Colour, including the more formal group shots and the informal and fun images of the smaller groups / couple.

As well as some stunning portrait images of you, along with some classic shots as a newly married couple and their guests.

Digital images.

The images will be edited and supplied to you in a boxed USB


Coverage until the guests are seated for the wedding breakfast: £795.00:

Coverage until the couple take their first dance as a newly married couple: £895.00

A Second photographer

I would strongly recommend you consider a second photographer to all my clients.

With two photographers there are so many advantages:

Not only do you get two unique angles for the wedding photos throughout the day.

Myself and one of my team will use different lenses ensuring we get a completely different feel and look from each photographer, adding to the look and feel of your wedding day photos. 

Importantly it also allows me (as the prime photographer) to spend as much time as I can at the initial venue during the preparations, you will not need to put your wedding outfit on quite so early!

If I were a single photographer I would have to leave a lot, lot earlier to capture the arrival's at the venue.

If you would like them to, the second photographer may be able to meet up at a second departure point, capturing some of this preparation time. 

Also with the aid of a long lens the second photographer can also capture some of the more relaxed and informal moments of you and your guests.

Guests seem to relax a lot more when they do not know they are being photographed ☺

Costs: £200.00 – flat fee