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Photo booth / Studio

Photo Booth / Evening photography

If you are thinking of extending the fun of your day into the evening and hiring a photo booth for your evening reception, I can offer you something a little different and something that will guarantee a lot of fun with some high quality 6" x 4" prints for all your guests.

Through my event photography I am now offering an evening service at your reception,, this has really taken off at wedding receptions in a big way and dates are now very, very limited .

As your guests have dressed up for your wedding/ wedding reception, I often find they like to get a nice range of professional photos with their friends, partners and family groups during the early stages of the reception.

Then as the evening progresses and the guests relax (get brave), they start to use the large range of props and accessories I bring along (Masks, Hats, Wigs, Glasses etc).

We simply have a lot of fun and get some great shots.

If you have any special requests I will try to ensure we have props to suit this.

Why choose this over a photo booth

The advantage this has over a photo booth:

The images are professionally taken ( professional photographers), ensuring quality each time, they are taken in high resolution and can be edited (if required after the event) to ensure any blemishes / distractions are removed if required.

The 6" x 4" photos are high (lab) quality photos that come in a card mount for your family and friends to keep and take home with them.

These high quality images also allows larger copies to be available at a later if you or your guests want too,  via my online ordering system.

We can photograph anything from a single person to much larger groups, 20+ (something you cant do in a photo booth) are able to get into the photos, ensuring we  get some great shots with you and your family / guests.

I also have two fantastically ultra fast printers, so there is no possibility of jams / misprinting, as you may get with a photo booth, you and your guests get the image(s) in seconds.

 If I'm already staying for the first dance then this can simply be added to your wedding photography at a this discounted rate, see the pricing below.

The images will be displayed in a separate area to your online wedding photos, which can be password protected if you request, allowing you to share them with family and friends.

We can share them on Facebook, allowing your guests to remember the day, to tag and share their images.

Below are a few sample packages, but if you want to talk about this in more detail feel free to contact me (these prices are in addition to your wedding photography).

Whats included.

Complete studio set up including:

Professional studio lighting to ensure we get the highest quality images

A backdrop to suit your event. White, Black or one of our themed backdrops - contact me for more information and some examples.

Appropriate props / accessories to support the event

2 trained professionals working with you to ensure you get the best from the images

2 high quality printers offering lab quality prints in only a few seconds

Viewing station for the guests to view their images before printing

Your images displayed online

A copy of your images on DVD

A spiral bound book containing all the images from the night.  


The coverage will normally run from the arrival of your evening guests and is based on 4  hours of photographs.

With UNLIMITED photos of the guests ALL NIGHT. 

The discounted price show below is based on us being booked for your wedding and being in attendance until the first dance, if this is not the case please contact me for a detailed price. 

The most popular option includes unlimited prints (6” x 4”) for all your guests.

So there is no additional charge to your guests, they are given the prints on the night to keep as a memory of your great day.

These lab quality 6" x 4" prints come in a mount to be kept as a lasting memory of your wedding day. 

Discounted Rate of: £399* (normal price is £485

Memory book: We can provide you with a hard backed memory book containing all the images from the night, prices start at just £35.00. 

* This discounted rate is only applicable if you have already booked us to the third dance, a third photographer will then arrive with all the equipment.