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Norfolk Equine Photography FAQ

Who is Equine photography for?

The short answer is, everyone! It's an amazing way to capture your friendship and love between the horse and rider creating some lasting memories. 

Where will my photoshoot take place?

There are numerous options and I will work with you to get the very best from your photoshoot. The location can be on the beach at Holkham, in your yard, the stables or at one of your favourite locations. I'll work with you to help with the planning the session and you can let me know any thoughts you have. 

How many images will I get?

This can vary depending on the type of photoshoot you opt for, but I do but I do aim to produce around 50 images from the session, but I do put quality over quantity any day!

So the number of images is a bit of a guide, we may get a few more or a few less, but you will have lots of great quality photos. 

Do I ride my horse in the day?

Again this depends a little on the session you want to book, if its a Equine Portrait Photoshoot - when we can use some high quality lighting to create some stunning portraits of you and your horses, or a Standard Equine Photoshoot - which could be as simple as a ride on the beach or your local hack.

    . For an Equine Photoshoot we can start by simply using a lead rein, the photo session can take place at your yard, a quiet lane or in a field you have access to. It can last for a couple of hours and include a change of clothes and a short ride if you wish. The session will normally last around an hour and a half to two hours. 

    . For a Standard Equine Photoshoot I can simply record you on your favourite hack or on the beach at Holkham. The session will normally last around an hour to an hour and a half. 

What time of day is best?

The best time of day for all photography is during the golden hours, this is a little after sunrise and a little before sunset, but as we all know this is sometimes simply not possible. 

    . Ideally we want a dry day, if the weather looks poor we can simply make a joint decision to postpone the photoshoot to another day. 

    . If we are having the photoshoot on the beach at Holkham we need to think about tide times, local restrictions (normally we are only allowed on the beach in the morning and evening, its best to check the Holkham website for accurate information - Holkham Beach Riding), this is something we can do together. 

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