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Parents books

There is lots of choices for parents books, from something bespoke to a copy of the main wedding album.

Download a price list here - click here

Option A - Parents books:

These books are copies of the main wedding album (ie with the same layout and the same number of pages), only a smaller version.

They come in a variety of sizes 10cm x 13cm / 15cm x 20cm and 20cm x 30cm with a number of finishes.

The most viable option is a hard backed bound cover, which you can add an image and or some text.

Books with less or more pages will vary in price:

4 books  (10cm x 13cm) - with 40 pages = £170.00

2 books (15cm x 20cm) - with 40 pages = £190.00

1 book (20cm x 30cm) - with 40 pages = £230.00

With the larger parents books (20cm x 30cm) is is possible to have the same  bound paper cover but with photographic quality paper, for an additional fee of 12%.

Option B - Parents books:

Again these are copies of the main wedding album as described above. 

But these have a soft cover, which you can customise by adding an image and or some additional text.

They come in a range of sizes - 10cm x 13cm, 6cm x 9cm and 4cm x 6cm.

The smaller (4cm x 6cm) pocket books are extremely popular and have a variety of uses, including sending out as small gifts to close family and friends. 

Books with less or more pages will vary in price.

8 copies (10cm x 13cm) - with 40 pages = £95.00

15 copies (6cm x 9cm) - with 40 pages = £95.00

30 copies (4cm x 6cm) - with 40 pages = £95.00

Option C - Bespoke designed parents books (Go Book):

This handmade album comes in a number of sizes (sizes are shown are in cm, 20 x 20 – 20 x 30 – 25 x 25) they are designed exclusively for each client with the photos of their choice.

They come with a minimum of 20 pages and can hold up to 40 pages.

We can design them with a single image per page or multiple images making them suitable for around 20 – 60 images.

Each album has Photographic paper, which can be laminated free (Satin or Gloss), with a range of covers / finishes.

They also come in their own bespoke designed box, which (which, along with the cover of the album) can be fully customised to make them personal

The finish of the album and box is soft touch which comes in 30 different colours.

A 20cm x 15cm - with 20 pages = £200.00

A 20cm x 30cm - with 20 pages = £225.00

A 25cm x 35cm - with 20 pages = £250.00

Books with less or more pages will vary in price:

Option D - A bespoke designed luxury album:

This is a bespoke designed luxury album using the photos of choice from the wedding day, using one of our handmade Traditional albums or one of our Young books from Graphistudios (Italy).

This is the same high quality album as the couple will receive from their wedding day.

As we are already ordering an album from this wedding this album comes with a 30% discount, offering a luxury product at an amazing price. 

A 20cm x 30cm - with 30 pages = £380.00 for more information click here - wedding album prices

Books with less or more pages will vary in price

Option E - Primo book:

This is a unique large book book (35cm x 40cm), can hold most, if not all the images from the wedding day in one large high quality book. 

The Primo book can hold up to 350 pages and in excess of 700 images, giving you something physical to hold and share.

With large high quality photos on each page, this truly is something special to hold all your memories from one day in one place. 

Books with less or more pages will vary in price

30cm x 40cm - with 300 pages = £449.00