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Pre wedding photoshoot | Post wedding photoshoot

A Pre Wedding photoshoot (engagement shoot) are a great idea: 

Suzi and Mark said they are "Not too keen on having their photos taken on their wedding day".

A Pre Wedding photoshoot was a great experience and really helped put them at ease. This is especially true if you have not had your photos taken by a professional photographer. The session's are very informal, we just want you to be natural, it gives us a chance to have a bit of fun and be creative before the wedding day and produce a range of stunning photos.

A number of my all inclusive wedding photography collections includes a pre wedding photoshoot as standard, but if you wish to add it to your day its not a problem. The session normally lasts around an hour, the ideal time of day would be first thing in the morning or later in the evening when the light is at its best, but we will fit around you and your commitments. 

I will uploaded the photos to a  private password protected galleries where you will be able to download the images.

You can use your images to create your own prints, maybe a canvas prints or acrylics for the wall at home. There are many ways to use your engagement photos, sending out as 'Save The Date' or as your "Wedding invitations". Use them to create a 'Signing book or signing frame" on your wedding day. 

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A Suffolk Pre Wedding / Engagement photo shoot

Jannie and Andrew were getting married in Hertfordshire, Jannie was living and working in Suffolk and working as an A&E doctor. As her days off were pretty limited we arranged our pre wedding photo shoot on the beach in Suffolk, quite close to where Jannie was working work as she was on a week of nights. 

Neither of them had really had and professional photographs taken, most of their previous experiences were simply with an iPhone and a few snaps on holiday, so they were really unsure what to expect. 

We met up in a cafe close to the beach and just had a little chat about the day their thoughts. We then simply started the session off had a little walk and built up their confidence from there.

We spent around an hour together having some fun with a lot of informal photos and a few that we had staged. 

They wanted to use some of the photos at their wedding reception, so we put together a little slideshow for them - you can view it here - Janinne and Andrews slideshow

  • Will you marry me
  • The big beautiful skies of north norfolk
  • Love in the sand
  • Piggy back on the beach with the bride and groom
  • Beach hut photoshoot
  • Beach pre wedding / engagement photoshoot
  • engagement \ pre wedding photoshoot
  • Beach hut pre wedding / engagement photography

Some common questions about an engagement photoshoot

The location for your engagement photo shoot is very important because it has a big impact on the feel and look of the images that you will get. I always advise couples to choose a location that means something to them. If your struggling I know many fantastic locations for your pre wedding / engagement photo shoot and together we can find the perfect location.

When is the best time?

I recommend that you have your engagement shoot at least 6 - 8 weeks before your wedding day. This gives you the chance to enjoy the images beforehand and not take the shine off the wedding day.

Some locations are better during different seasons and time of day. Light can change quickly but bright overcast conditions are best for this type of photography, i like to photography early in the morning or late afternoon when the light is softer.

Clothing – What should we wear?

If possible, wear bright comfortable clothes that match in style and colour. Both formal and informal clothing can be worn but wear what feels most natural for you.

If we can I would say bring along a changes of outfits and ensure that your shoes match your clothing and are appropriate for the location.

Hair and Makeup –

Some brides like to trial their hair and makeup before their wedding. If this is something you plan to do, 'maybe' we can take advantage of this and arrange your pre wedding photo shoot on the same day!

If you cannot do this, I would say just be yourself,  apply the makeup as if they were going out.

Props and Accessories –

Depending on the location for the photoshoot you maybe able to bring along some props (a bottle of bubbly and some glasses, or I have a heart shaped chalkboard we can use etc).

The costs of an engagement photoshoot

Engagement Photo Shoot –

The engagement photoshoot includes all the images from the session in your online gallery which atre free to download. 

£150 for an hour 

£200 for an hour and a half 

If additional travel is required it may affect the price.  

A Post Wedding Photoshoot

This is now one of the most popular options we now provide for our clients, our post wedding shoot 

Often after the wedding, brides have said to me, they would just 'LOVE' to have a reason to put that fantastic wedding dress back on - before it is cleaned lol - so I started shooting post wedding day photographs.

Booking a post wedding photography session.

These post wedding sessions allow you to get some elegant or fun photos with none of the wedding day pressures. The most popular option is on a location shoot, this can be pretty much anywhere of your choice, maybe somewhere special to you both. Some of the most popular locations are at the beach / beauty spot or in London at sunset / sunrise (if you would like the space to yourselves).

Post Wedding Photo Shoot

My price for a post wedding photo shoot is:-

£150 for an hour 

£200 for an hour and a half (90 minutes) 

All the images will be displayed in your online gallery and can be downloaded to use as you wish.

If additional travel is required it may affect the price.  

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