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Wedding photography pricing - All inclusive collections

Weddings can be difficult for a most couples, simply because it’s usually your first time, not knowing what to expect can be confusing. 

To help point you in the right direction please feel to read this independent guide on choosing a wedding photographer, produced by the

'British Institute of Professional Photographers' (BIPP) - Click here

What do you recieve

Whos going to take your wedding pictures?

I like to think your photographer should be the the kind of person you invite to your wedding as friend, someone you can trust and depend on. This is going to be a unique and unrepeatable event so it needs to be right. 

So it is important we spend some time together, thinking about the day, we don't want to miss any images that are really important to you both.

I attend all  of my  weddings and ill be there on the day to help as I can allowing you to simply enjoy yourselves.  I want you to have the very best memories from your wedding day. I know it does sound a bit of a Cliché, but its only your memories and the photos that can remind you of this  special day in the years to come.

On the day, myself and any other  photographers  will be dressed as if we were a wedding guest (Suit / Smart dress), we do not want to stand out, we want to blend in and feel part of the day with you and your guests.

All my wedding photography collections Include:

• Unlimited, support and guidance from the time of your booking to the delivery of your wedding album / photos of your very special day.

• A pre-wedding meeting at your chosen venue where we can spend some time and run through the day in some detail answering any questions or thoughts you may have. This allows you to simply relax on the day and enjoy yourselves.

Web cards, these cards are similar in size to a standard business card with a photo of you on the front (from our pre-wedding meeting) and the password & login details on the rear.

• Coverage of the preparations, which can also include both partner’s departure if required (if included in your package).

• As a 'very, very' rough guide Steve normally supplies you with around 50+ images per hour, but this is dependent on time, conditions and your wedding package etc.

• As well as your images going online, we like the idea of you holding something physical. All of our  clients receive an A4 spiral bound proof book of your images.

• You also receive a wedding day (online) slideshow with some of the images of the day set to music - examples of this can be seen on Steve’s blog – Click here.

• You get all your images (licensed copyright) allowing you to print off all your images, this is delivered with your wedding album (if applicable).

• Your online gallery for all your photos, which we keep for2  years.

All Inclusive collections - with a luxury handmade Italian wedding album

N&R - 0077

Collection One - (Preparations – Wedding Breakfast)


The day starts with coverage of the main preparations and goes through the day to the time when you and your guests  seated for the wedding breakfast; I will be the photographer and help capture the feel of the day through my unobtrusive style.

Often incorporating a mixture of both formal images (for the larger groups) and something a little more informal for the smaller groups and yourselves, but this can all be confirmed with you at our pre-wedding meeting.

YOUR WEDDING ALBUM - 20 page - 20cm x 30cm:

This collection includes your personal selection of 50 images in a high quality 20-page wedding album.

This album is handmade in Italy by Graphi Studios, it is designed with yourselves telling the story of the day.

This stunning album comes with a range of luxury covers included (click here for full details)

The costs: £995.00

Collection Two (Preparations – Wedding Breakfast)


Coverage of the preparations of you both, to you and your guests being seated for the wedding breakfast.

This includes two photographers; I will be your main photographer and attend the main preparations, a second photographer will capture your partner’s preparations, or the arrival of the wedding party and your guests at your venue (whichever you prefer).

With two photographers not only do you get two unique angles, but we can also capture some of the more candid moments when everyone is a little more relaxed, as well as some stunning shots of the newly weds.

YOUR WEDDING ALBUM - 30 page - 25cm x 35cm:

The collection includes your personal selection of 75 images in a hand made Italian wedding album from Graphi Studios with 30 pages.

I work along with you to design your wedding album; this is a high quality album and has photographic quality pages included as standard.

There is a large range of covers available (click here for full details)

The Costs: £1495.00

N&R - 0029

Collection 3 (Preparations – First Dance)


With this choice the coverage starts with the preparations of the couple through to the first dance.

With two photographers; we will create a range of images to suit your style, which are full of life and tell the full story of your day as it unfolds.

We work with you to fully understand your thoughts and ideas, offering advice and guidance where we can.

This allows us to capture those important moments from the preparations to the ceremony and on to the first dance as newlyweds, along with a range of contemporary stylish portraits of you.

The style is decided along with you, as we want you to look completely natural and relaxed during the day.

We work with you to use the best of your venue to produce some exciting images.

YOUR WEDDING ALBUM - 40 page - 25cm x 35cm:

The collection includes 90 of your images to go into your bespoke, 40 - page Italian wedding album; that we will design together.

This album comes with thick photo quality pages as standard with a range of cover options (click here for full details)

The Cost: £1695.00

Collection Four (Preparations – Beyond the First Dance)


Our most popular option - has coverage from the preparations (normally around 2 hours before the ceremony) to beyond the first dance (normally around an hour after) with two photographers.

I will be the lead photographer, supported by a second photographer.

Our photography style allows us to create a range of images that tell the story of your day as it unfolds.

I want to get to know you as a couple and work along side you to produce a range of images that are full of life and fun and completely reflect your day.

As well as some stunning images of you as a newly married couple.

YOUR WEDDING ALBUM - 50 page - 25cm x 35cm:

The collection includes 110 of your wedding day images to go in this large handmade luxury album from Italy with 50 - pages.

This album comes with thick photo quality pages as standard; with the choice of one of many cover options available (click here for full details)

The Cost: £1795.00

Collection Five (Preparations – Beyond the First Dance)


Coverage will be from both sets of preparations to around an hour after your first dance as a newly married couple.

I will be the main photographer on the day supported by my second photographer.

This collection covers the whole day including some professional images of that first dance as a newly married couple and your guests into the evening.

Creating the lasting images and with the memories it can bring back to you in years to come.

This may also cover any fireworks etc. you may have in the evening.

YOUR WEDDING ALBUM - 56 page - A large 30cm x 40cm album:

This collection includes 140 of your selected images in a large handmade album with 56-pages.

This high quality album is completely designed alongside you and comes with thick photo quality pages as standard; there are many other cover options included with this luxury collection (click here for full details)

The Cost: £1950.00

Post Wedding Photoshoot

Why not have a reason to put that fantastic wedding dress back on by booking a post wedding photography session.

These post wedding sessions allow you to put that dress back on (often before its cleaned) and get some elegant or fun photos with none of the wedding day pressures.

The most popular option is on a location shoot, this can be pretty much anywhere of your choice, maybe somewhere special to you both.

Some of the most popular locations are at the beach or in London at sunset / sunrise (if you would like the space to yourselves).

Alternatively, it can be in the studio where we can, with the aid of studio lighting create some classic and elegant images.

This can include a hair and makeup artist (at an additional cost).

From - £120.00 – this include a 10” x 8” print from the session 

For a price list you can download and print, click here - Printable price list.